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    promotion - research

The advantages of using us are:

We will ease the pressure during a busy period by becoming "an extra pair of hands".
"Thanks a lot Chris and many, many thanks for all your assistance during the season."
DM, Stafford.

You will be able to delegate, to us, some of the tasks for which you (or your staff) have insufficienct knowledge or time to complete, or are the "less enjoyable" ones.

You only pay for the time and materials used and, unlike with an employee, you are not liable for tax, national insurance or holiday pay.

"What a thrill to get your email this morning!!!! Bravo and Congratulations! Of course, I have more questions and more work!"
JT, California, USA.

You have our assurance that deadlines will be met.

You will not have to make room for us in your office as we will work from our office, unless, of course, you want us to work at your site.

Specialist knowledge in the fields of nutrition and sport.