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The editorial service we provide covers proofreading, on-screen editing and copy-editing, technical editing in nutrition and sport, copy writing, and digital transcription. The descriptions below can apply to printed materials (books, journals, magazines, reports, leaflets), websites, CD-ROMs and computer-based training materials.

"Once again it all looks very thorough. Thank you for fitting this in at such short notice."
RB, Birmingham.

Proofreading: We take an already-edited document and look for typographical errors, spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes, style and inconsistencies.

Proofs are marked up using the British Standard Institution proof-correcting symbols (BS 5261 Part 2 1976) for paper documents. Alternatively, for electronic documents in MS Word, corrections can be made directly to the original document with changes highlighted using Word's tracked changes facility. For websites, we can correct the HTML code if required.

We proofread against any accompanying typescript (aka copy) or manuscript or blind without any supporting documentation.

"Thank you for returning the OC with time to spare. This means that the Honorary Editors now have a longer time frame in which to read the OC."
AT, London.

Copy-editing: We will look at your copy, either on-screen or on paper, and prepare it for printing or publishing. We will ensure that spelling, grammar and punctuation are correct and will also check for accuracy, consistency and sense. Various levels of copy-editing are available, depending on your requirements. We will ensure that the document contains accurate and clear English, conforms to the required style and has a logical flow.

Edited copy can be returned to you as a Word document, rich text file or as changes marked up on a printed manuscript, whatever you prefer.

Technical editing: This is copy-editing with the addition of our combined specialist knowledge of nutrition and sport. We are not responsible for verifying the technical content of a document but will highlight anything we suspect is incorrect so that the appropriate responsible person checks for accuracy.

"I think the (2005/06 Stafford Rangers) programme this season has been at it's best for sometime and well worth the money. And I'm sure there will be very few who don't think it's been a good read."
G, Stafford.

Translation into British (UK) English / Anglicisation: If British English is not your first language, we will edit your document for a UK audience, such as one written in American English.

Copy writing: We currently offer copy writing and fixture-reporting services to newspapers, magazines and websites in sport and particularly football.

Digital Transcription: We can transcribe anything, for example, from meetings, dictations, interviews and lectures. We can also edit and proofread the resulting text.

Word processing: We can type any document you require and deliver it to you by a variety of means.  It can be e-mailed, put onto disk (floppy or CD) or printed and posted using the Special or Recorded Delivery service.  We can even deliver it personally if you live locally.